Challenges & Opportunities in Developing OHSMS Standards

On September 2, 2009, Thea Dunmire gave a presentation at the NIOSH NORA Health Care & Social Assistance (HCSA) Sector Council Meeting in Washington DC.  Her presentation – Challenges & Opportunities in Development OHSMS Standards – outlined five barriers to implementing OH&S management systems and the actions that can be taken to overcome these barriers.

These Five Barriers include:

  • Barrier # 1 – Failure to agree on what constitutes an OH&S Management System
  • Barrier #2 – “Lack of Gravity”  (i.e. lack of Top Management Commitment)
  • Barrier #3 – The Cure of “Externalities” & “Entitlements”
  • Barrier #4 – Failure to Remember – “Trust but Verify”
  • Barrier #5 – Search for “The Holy Grail”

To view the PowerPoint slides for this presentation – click on the link below. 

Challenges & Opportunities in Development OHSMS Standards

To download the handout for this presentation – click on the link below.

Handout for Presentation

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The purpose of this presentation was to assist the HCSA Sector Council in developing an implementation plan for its National Occupational Research Agenda. 

You can find additional information about the HCSA Sector Council, on the NIOSH web site.  The HCSA NORA is currently out for public comment.  Comments on the Agenda will be accepted until the end of October 2009.

Management Systems

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Certification Requirements

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