EHS Auditor Training

ENLAR Compliance Services is pleased to offer its interactive web-based training program specifically designed for individuals who want to develop competence as environmental and occupational health and safety auditors – 

Fundamentals of EHS Auditing

This course focuses on developing the knowledge and skills you need to perform effective EHS audits that will provide value to your organization. This course includes both introductory material – useful for individuals who are new to auditing – and information about advanced auditing techniques that will benefit those who have been auditing for many years.

What sets this course apart from other auditor training courses is that it has been specifically designed to give you the benefits of in-person training with the convenience of web-based delivery. This course has the following benefits: 

  • No traveling is required.  You avoid the costs and the hassles of traveling to an off-site location or having your public training course cancelled at the last minute.
  • Learning can occur at your pace and to meet your schedule.  Each lesson consists of computer-based training lessons that you can complete when you are ready.
  • Learning can continue even after the formal training is complete – You will have access to the training materials for an entire year.
  • You will have access to and the ability to interact with an expert instructor – You can ask questions using the Q&A section in the “members-only” web site or during  the live Q&A webinars.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to EHS Auditing
  • Developing Your Audit Protocols
  • Conducting an Internal Audit
  • Developing and Addressing Audit Findings
  • Advanced Auditing Topics

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This Fundamentals of EHS Auditing course focuses on developing the auditor skills needed for any EHS internal audit situation rather than only on the requirements of one particular management system standard.  Therefore, it is particularly appropriate for EHS auditors in those organizations that have developed their own internal management system standards and requirements. In addition, since this course is specifically focused on developing auditing skills, it is relevant for both EHS compliance and management system auditing. 

Course Instructor:

The instructor for this course is Thea D. Dunmire, JD, CIH, CSP.  Ms. Dunmire is a RABQSA-certified EMS Lead Auditor as well as an experienced environmental safety and health professional.  She has assisted companies with the development of EHS management programs and EHSMS audit programs.  She has over 25 years of experience in auditing EHS programs and is an experienced registration auditor.  She is also one of the U.S. experts in the ISO Joint Working Group for the revision of ISO 19011 – the international management system auditing standard and chair of the ANSI Z1-auditing subcommittee.

Course Format and Structure:

This Fundamentals of EHS Auditing course has been developed utilizing a blended-learning model combining –

  • web-based lessons released over a period of seven weeks;
  • the opportunity to participate in interactive Q&A webinars;
  • web-based quizzes designed to test your knowledge of the materials covered; and
  • access to the training lessons and other resources, in a “members-only” web site, for an entire year.

Each student who completes the training lessons and successfully passes the final quiz will receive a certificate that provides documentation of their completion of this training.

Course Schedule:

This course will start in December of 2011.  Course materials will be released in conjunction with the live Q&A webinars to faciliate the learning experience.


You get all of this –

  • on-demand training lessons focused on learning how to conduct EHS audits,
  • interactive audit exercises to develop your audit skills;  and
  • access to Q&A webinars where you can have your auditing questions answered by an expert.

 Value priced for early-bird registration at only $275.00.

Concerned about whether you will like this training? 

Don’t be.   ENLAR offers a money-back guarantee. 

Return your training materials and ask for your money back – for any reason – within the first 2 weeks and ENLAR will return it to you no questions asked.

To Participate:

Due to the intensive nature of this training course and in order to provide one-on-one interaction and individual student support during the Q&A webinars, participation in this course will be limited.

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Management Systems

This site provides information about establishing integrated management systems that conform to the requirements set out in international standards.

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Internal Audit Programs

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Certification Requirements

Many organizations seek third-party certification of their management systems. The standard that forms the basis for "ISO certification" is ISO/IEC 17021.

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